The tasks of the last two weeks — working on the literature review and the paper structure — have been time-consuming, but have been quite helpful in re-shaping my paper for the better. At the same time, between traveling and the amount of work and revision required, I’ve gotten a bit behind (though I have still maintained about 15 minutes of writing per day, so I’m happy about that). So, this week my goal is to play a bit of catch-up while keeping up with the tasks for this week.

In Week 7, Belcher has tasked us with thinking about not only the evidence used in the article being revised for this project, but of the type of evidence used in your field. The aim is to ensure that your article has good evidence and uses that evidence to greatest effect. Because the type and use of evidence varies so widely, not just across and within disciplines, but also between individual scholars, this week focuses on interrogating what can be defined or used as evidence in your field through conversation, and then applying what you learn to your article.

Week 7 tasks:

  • Day 1: Read through page 199, do the activities through that page, and start documenting time.
  • Day 2: Discuss the evidence your article employs with colleagues.
  • Day 3: Revisit your evidence with the comments received from your conversations on Day 2.
  • Days 4 and 5: Revise your paper to to ensure evidenced is shaped around your argument.

*  *  *

What kind of evidence do you use in your discipline or field?

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