In the last several years, several people have recommend to me Wendy Laura Belcher’s Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks: A Guide to Publishing Success. While I’ve got plenty to do both in the archive and in processing the research I’ve already done while abroad, I’ve been wanting to add a committed writing element to my week, and this seems like an excellent way 1) to do that, and 2) to put a research paper I’ve already written to good use. Each week on Monday, I’ll post a summary of each chapter, how I did at meeting the tasks of the previous week, and what tasks I’ll be undertaking for the upcoming week. So, to start:

Introduction: Using This Workbook. As any good introductory chapter should, this chapter lays out the rationale, methodology, and organization of the book. While no specific tasks are required, it does discuss how you might use the workbook individually, with a writing partner, in a writing group, or in teaching a class. It also alludes to the fact that this book is about revising something you’ve already written, rather than starting from scratch (spoiler: I skimmed ahead to chapter 1, and that is indeed the process that this book guides you through).

My plan for this week is to approach a potential writing partner or two (this is good for both accountability and for companionship) to see if they’re interested in joining me on this twelve-week adventure. If not, I’ll go solo. Updates next week about how that goes.

* * *

Do you have any recommendations for books, articles, or blogs on the writing process, whether it’s for academic publication, dissertation writing, creative writing, or just to keep yourself on task and practicing during the term?

For all posts related to this project: Week 1 (The writing plan), Week 2 (Getting started), Week 3 (Arguments), Week 4 (Choosing a journal), Week 5 (Literature review), Week 6 (Article structure), Week 7 (Evidence), Week 8 (Strengthening the intro and conclusion), Week 9 (Giving and receiving feedback), Week 10 (Editing), Week 11 (Finalizing the article), Week 12 (Send!)