‘Tis the season for making resolutions. Here’s what I hope you’ll see on the blog for the following year:

A continuation of the Roll Call series, updated weekly on Sundays. I’d love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on this front – I’ve been using it as an easy way to update my blog on a fairly regular basis that doesn’t require too much effort on my part. What might be more interesting to you as the reader? What, if anything, would you like to see developed with/in addition to this series?

An overview of the week’s readings, updated weekly on Fridays. I had intended to do this last quarter, but time got away from me.

Development of the annotated bibliography. I saw this on another PhD student’s blog and thought it was a good idea. I’m still working out the kinks – trying to figure out what I want to include, how I want to include it, and how I want it to be organized – but aim to get that going by the end of January.

An inclusion of research notes and updates. There will actually be more to come soon on this as I take my first research trip as a PhD student! Aside from that, I hope to provide, perhaps monthly, updates on any research I’m undertaking. For the remainder of this academic year, I’ll be focusing on the research paper I’ll be producing by the end of June. Since I’ve not talked about that at all yet, be on the lookout for more on that front generally, coming soon.

More links to articles, conversation-starting thoughts and questions, and thought-pieces on academia generally. Most of what I’ve done so far with this has been light and usually humorous. While those types of articles/links will still be included, I plan to include some more hard-hitting content.

What resolutions are you making? Is there anything that you’d like to see more of on my blog or anything in addition to what I’ve listed here?

Happy New Year!