Well folks, life has been busy, so I apologize for the tardiness in this post, as well as my lack of summary from last week’s (one) reading. Also, a few amendments have been made to my schedule for this quarter. This list includes those changes. I also apologize for any errors in the spelling or general correctness of names, titles, volume numbers, etc.

Historical Scholarship of the Modern Middle East

Carr, E. H. What is History? New York: Random House, 1961.

Said, Edward. Orientalism. New York: Random House, Inc., 1978

Research Seminar in United States History

This week’s topic: Theorizing the Archive

Bradley, Harriet. “The Seductions of the Archive: Voices Lost and Found.” History of the Human Sciences 12, no. 2 (May 1999): 107-122.

Featherstone, Mike. “Archive.” Theory, Culture, & Society 23 (May 2006): 591-596.

Schwartz, Joan, and Terri Cook. “Archives, Records, and Power: The Making of Modern Memory.” Archival Science 2, no. 2 (2002): 1-19.

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Tollebeek, Jo. “Turn’d to Dust and Tears: Revisiting the Archive.” History and Theory 43 (May 2004): 237-248.

Velody, Irving. “The Archive and the Human Sciences: Notes Toward a Theory of the Archive.” History of the Human Sciences 11, no. 4 (November 1998): 1-16.

History and Theory

This week’s topic: Social History

August, Andrew. Narrative, Experience and Class: Nineteenth-century Social History in Light of the Linguistic Turn.” History Compass 9, no. 5 (2011): 384-396.

Eley, Geoff. “Dilemmas and Challenges of Social History since the 1960s: What Comes after the Cultural Turn?” South African Historical Journal 60, no. 3 (2008): 310-322.

Joyce, Patrick. “What is the Social in Social History?” Past and Present, 206, no. 1 (2010): 213-248.

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Stearns, Peter N. “Coming of Age.” Journal of Social History 10, no. 2 (1976): 246-255.

Women in Arabic Literature

Hanan al-Shaykh, translator, One Thousand and One Nights (excerpts)

Qasim Amin, The Liberation of Women (excerpts)

What’s on your to-do or to-read list this week or month?