Thanks for stopping by!

Well, here’s my first post. Over the years, as the number of blogs has flourished, I’ve considered starting my own, dealing with topics have to do with everything from politics to clean and whole eating. Upon learning of my acceptance to UCSD, I thought that I might actually start one which not only chronicles my experiences in a PhD program and is a receptacle for my note taking, but also a place where research ideas could be fleshed out and discussed (and maybe help keep me accountable for doing these things, too).

With that in mind, there are many things I hope to do with this blog. In addition to posts on how PhD life, research, and professional development, I hope to create various series about class and research-related readings, applying for fellowships and grants, and conference experiences.

Of course, I’m not sure exactly how all this will come into fruition. Being quite new at this, I’m going to have a play-it-by-ear kind of attitude, so it’ll be as much a surprise to you as it is to me!

So, follow along and journey with me as I develop my blogging voice, research interests, and historical knowledge and reflect on the world of advanced degrees.